Hello, I'm Joe Merrill and molten plastic flows through my veins. I’m the owner/operator of SPLURRT and SECRETOY. I design and sculpt all of my figures, and hand paint as many as I can find the time for.

10 years ago, an obsession with forming strange beasts out of clay, led me to create SPLURRT. For the last 5 years I have had the fortune to work with masterful Japanese craftsmen to create my works in Japanese soft vinyl toys, or sofubi.

More recently I created the SECRETOY line, which focuses on standard size figures that pay tribute to classic western kaiju.

It is my aim to create extraordinary soft vinyl works that are a highlight of your collection. Not only because it is what you deserve as my patron, but out of reverence for the history of Japanese sofvi production.

We are all strange beasts, we are all kaiju. Thank you for supporting this expression.

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