Majin Kaatashi Psychlo - Marbled

Sold out

Bred to fight. Bred to kill. Bred to die.

The year is 2135, after a century of genetic engineering Majins were created, their sole purpose, to fight to the death for human entertainment.

Dana White has come out of cryogenic sleep to become President of the Majin Fight League (MFL).

AI has replaced almost all human jobs. Draft Kings has become the primary source of human income and has surpassed Amazon in market cap. Trillions of BONK and PONKE flow through the platform every day. The primary interests, the daily MFL fights and American Pickleball League.

Ceremonial US President Donald Trump VI has moved the Oval Office ringside to the MFL, his primary duty to provide commentary on the fights.

Majin is cast in a green and glow vinyl marble, it stands 20cm tall, and is articulated at the leg. Comes with a painted vinyl shackle and metal chain accessory and hand plugged hair.