Unassembled sofubi kit Hambone


This an unassembled, off-white vinyl kit. It includes the head, body, two arms, two legs, and saw hand. The joints are precut, so you just need to heat the vinyl pieces until the joints are soft, and then pop the pieces together. You can heat the pieces with a hair dryer, a heat gun on low setting, or by submerging the parts in hot water. Please note, because heat is required to assemble the figure only adults should take part, this is not for children. No glue is required for assembly.

Hambone is scarred and butchered, but pieces back together and out for revenge. Fun fact, the cut lines on Hambone actually follow a butchers illustration of pork cuts. This juxtaposition against the vintage American kitsch styling results in a figure which is alarming yet endearing.

Hambone stands 10” when assembled.

Please note, that I might restock these in the future or add more inventory.

Happy assembling and painting! Please stay tuned for a little future competition and a few rewards to those who partake in the Dream project.