Koakaminu/Kokinu glow and black marble set


Koakaminu is the guardian deity of little dogs, but when he is tempted by the smell of meat he transforms into the ogre Koninu. He can be lost for hours or even days while he satisfies his hunger. Little dogs are emboldened because of Koakaminus existence, but during his absence their courage can cause them great danger.

This figure is inspired by my own beloved Shih tzu, Jax. From the underbite and missing tooth of Koakaimu, to the food driven behavior that transforms him from a good boy into a bad dog! I made this toy for all lovers of little dogs and for anyone who has a good boy or girl themselves.

Heavily articulated at the 4 limbs, head, and tail. It allows for a wide range of playability and posability. The figure is about 7” tall and cast in glow and marble vinyl. With this set you get the body and both heads. You can swap the heads by heating them and the neck area with a blow dryer, once they soften up it is easy to take them off and put them on. Pulled by Science Patrols in Japan.